Jonathan Levy




Jonathan got his start in the restaurant world while in school for graphic design & film in Baltimore, MD. He quickly realized his passion for the food and beverage industry and wanted to take it to the next level. Having managed multiple catering companies in NY, Boston & Chicago, it wasn't long before he started his own coffee catering business in 2008 and The Rolling Bean was born.  


James Green

New York


James had his first coffee while sailing the oceans in the US Navy.  He and Jonathan met while working in the service industry in Baltimore and became best of friends. As they were learning the business together they realized they shared the same passions for people, integrity of service and espresso. James has been a part of our family since 2009 and owns our NY bean.


Julian Diggs

Los Angeles


Coming from a family and city where hospitality is highly valued, Julian was greatly immersed in events and social gatherings. While studying the art of music production at Columbia College, he grew a passion for catering from the works of The Rolling Bean. He's been apart of our family since 2010 and manages our Los Angeles bean.