A woman carries a jerry can that was distributed as part of CWS drought response efforts in West Pokot, Kenya in 2017. Lack of proper coordination between the different stakeholders in the justice chain as well as underfunding and under resourcing of crucial cogs in the wheel of justice such as forensic laboratories ensures that the laws remain in the books and the perpetrators in the streets. CWS is now working with local partner Yang’at to design and pilot GBV prevention activities, incorporating community-driven approaches such as peer education led by women and girls, use of song and dance in sharing anti-violence messages and engaging faith and customary leaders on shifting local attitudes and practices. NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 14 – Gender-based violence cases have tripled in the country in the wake of a dusk-to-dawn curfew imposed in March as part of coronavirus containment measures. Followed by child marriage at … A … While the country has made great strides over the past decade to strengthen its legal framework to prevent Gender-Based Violence against women and girls, GBV remains a reality for many women and girls among pastoralist communities in Kenya’s arid north and northwest. sexual violence was reported as the most prevalent form of gender-based violence during the pandemic at 35%. Although Kenya has one of the best laws against GBV, the only bottleneck that hinders their implementation is an enforcement authority that is not empathetic and accommodative to gender-based issues. In conclusion, Kenya has taken and will continue to take these steps towards a more equal and GBV free society and nation as a whole and tirelessly work for the progress of all genders in line with SDG number 5 on gender equality and promotion of women and above all upholding of human rights. On average, 1 in 3 women globally experiences physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, usually from an intimate partner. Legislation, as a pillar for resolution in Kenya, states clear repercussions in the sexual offences act for various acts of GBV such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) clauses. SDG 16’s first target is “the elimination of all types of violence”. 58 Though forensic evidence is often lacking in charges of sexual violence … “According to the National Crime Research Centre, Kisii is at 23.3 per cent for defilement reported cases while 159 cases have been reported since January this year,” revealed Mogaka. You can: Call the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Helpline 0800720414 (Toll-Free number, 24 hours, 7 days a week) WhatsApp: 0800720414. In Kenya, 4 out of every 10 women, 8 out of every 10 girls and 2 out of every 10 men are subject to this menace. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, which happen each year from Nov. 25 to Dec. 10, offer an important opportunity to step back and consider what we can do all year long to put an end to gender-based violence. A police station is the last place an abused woman would consider running to. GBV, to which women are more prone to, encompasses acts that inflict physical, mental or sexual harm and suffering, threats of such acts coercion and other deprivations. But one aspect of it has received less coverage than others. You can help prevent Gender based violence crimes and security threats in Kenya by reporting to the Police, NCRC website (http://crimeresearch.go.ke/report-crimes/) and NCRC Mobile Phone Crime Reporting/Monitoring tool from mobile phones operating systems: Google Playstore, applestore and Windows Store, (Free Service) Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Kenya: A Call For Action Overview of Gender Based Violence: This Policy Brief revisits the issue of GBV, and more specifi cally SGBV in Kenya. One positive ripple effect from this approach has been a gradual change in attitudes toward gender-based violence, including spouse-beating, forced marriage and other forms of physical or emotional abuse. The 2 nd National Gender Based Violence Conference organized by UN Women and Africa Unite Kenya took place on 3 rd and 4 th December 2015 at Panari Hotel Nairobi. Indulging women and youth in economic empowerment projects that help both men and women access resources including information, loans that help bring financial independence and women enterprise funds that can aid women move away from their perpetrators should be embraced widely within the different societies in Kenya.

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